Auger Filler Protein Powder Filling Machine

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  • Auger Filler Protein Powder Filling Machine


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The Auger Filling Machine is a compact model used for filling all kinds of powder into bottles/cans/jars/Tins etc.
The machine is suitable for dry syrup, talcum, spices powder, flour Free Flowing
Powders Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Powers, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics powder, Pesticides Powder, etc.
Auger Filling Machine Main features
1. Double filler could filling powder at the same time,  speed up filling.
2. All parts and assemblies coming in contact with powder are made of S.S.304 and easily removable for maintenance changeover.
3. NO BOTTLE, NO FILL" System eliminates wastage of costly powder.
4. Filling controlled by servo system with adjustable speed and high accuracy outcome.
5. With inline filled cans check weigher and reject conveyor to assure high accuracy output.
6. Different size star wheel to accommodate different container size, featured with easy maintenance and changeover .
Auger packing is usually used for volumetric measurement of bulk materials (that is, powder or granular materials). They use a rotating screw to convey and dispense materials from the container through a doser, and use a funnel to guide it to the packaging process. Gravimetric and volumetric screw conveyors provide a simple and affordable solution for continuous metering or batching. The auger dosing device works accurately and is easy to clean. In addition, the metering equipment can be converted into a new product easily and quickly.

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