JW-DL500JW-DL700 Automatic Multi Lanes Filling and Packing Machine

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216 27 декабря 2022 в 07:10 (до 19.01.2038) Elena Lin

JW-DL500JW-DL700 Automatic Multi Lanes Filling and Packing Machine
It is multi lane packing machine for low viscosity material like tomato sauce,shampoo,laundry detergent ,herbal ointment and etc.It can be the varous pump for optioanl choice like LRV pump,stroke pump or Pneumatic pump and etc. 

Advantage & Features
1. Motion Servo control, stable running, simple maintenance.
2. Filing: LRV pump, stroke pump or Pneumatic pump filling for optional choice, depend on the filling material.
3. Machine material: SUS304.
4. Four side sealing packing.
5. Cold sealing.
6. Coding machine, steel embossing nail for optional equipment to realized the real time coding.
7. Equipped with conveyor to transfer the finished products to designated location.
8. 3-8 lanes packing can be customized.

Packing Application
Various medium- low viscosity materials(4000-10000cps); tomato sauce, various seasoning sauces, shampoo, laundry detergent, Herbal ointment, sauce-like pesticides, etc.

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